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Gain knowledge through community, mentorship, events, and books to help you plan and build your career in the academy. The Black Woman’s Guide to Advancing in Academia features the inside stories of 12 Black women who have taken the journey.

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The Black Women Faculty (BWF) Connection, BWF Academy, and Black Woman’s Guide (BWG) offer valuable guidance for early career, mid career, and tenure-track faculty, as well as graduate students and post-docs on the path to teaching at the collegiate level. Working professionals seeking to share their expertise or extend their careers will gain critical knowledge as well. The content and discussions across multiple channels considers full-time, part-time, and online opportunities for entering and advancing in academia. If you’re aspiring to excel on these paths, get ready to take the next steps!

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Dr. Jennifer Edwards:, IG @DrJennEdwards
Dr. Ndidi Amutah-Onukagha: and IG/Twitter @PhDiva0618

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