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Welcome to The Black Women Faculty Academy

The Black Women Faculty Academy, home of Black Woman’s Guide to Advancing in Academia, is a community for women of the African diaspora who are pursuing teaching careers in higher education. Established in 2019, we are dedicated to diversifying higher education by strengthening the presence of Black women in academia. Join us online to connect with other like-minded women aspiring and pursuing careers in academia.

The Academy serves graduate students who are considering entering academia, early career faculty, experienced faculty, tenure track faculty, full-time, part-time, and online faculty. As a mentoring and training resource, we provide workshops in support of diversity and inclusion efforts, campus level Black women faculty groups, graduate student associations, and others committed to our community.

Access The Academy’s community and resources to:

  1. Gain knowledge to help you plan and build your career in the academy.
  2. Develop techniques to strengthen your classroom performance and navigate the culture of academia.
  3. Learn how the university you choose impacts your faculty experience.
  4. Successfully complete a competitive application for a faculty position at the school of your choice.
  5. Expand or extend your professional career to include teaching in the academy.
  6. Experience how other Black women in academia have sustained strong careers and impactful brands.

The Academy offers 45-, 60-. and 90- minute workshops and 2-day interactive, destination retreat experiences to suit your needs. The BWG authors are also available for keynotes and panel discussions. We will customize the content for you. Review BWG content as a starter and we can design your workshop together. Tell us more here.

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