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Black Woman’s Guide to Advancing in Academia, available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online retailers, is a timeless resource for women on collegiate faculty or those who are aspiring. The book contains strategies for success as well as the stories of 12 women who have taken diverse approaches to their impactful careers. Book content includes:

Where To Start 

Creating Competitive Application Materials         

Your Teaching Philosophy           

Pursuing Research and the Research Statement

Your Curriculum Vitae   

Advancing in Academia:  12 Inspirational and Instructive Stories from the Field   

A Master’s Degree Path

Technologist in Academia            

Liberating Women in Academia

Success is a Feeling        

The Adjunct Experience

The HBCU Perspective  

From Military to Teaching Online             

Work-Life Integration    

Master’s Degree and Many Hats

Career Shift into Academia         

Tenured and Tenacious

Intrinsically Inspired      

Special thanks to our contributors, read their stories in the book:

Karon Leslie Phillips

Maranda Griffin

Kesha Baptiste-Roberts

Sandra M Harris

Jameta Nicole Barlow

Halima Curry

Stephanie J.W. Ford

Terri Floyd

Sandra M Harris

Tiffany Brown

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